Thursday, April 30, 2015

Be careful when opening .docx! Macro viruses are coming back

Can you be infected by an attached invoice to an e-mail? A town hall notification? A love letter? Categorically yes, states Microsoft , who alerts of the resurgence of something we thought buried in the past century: macro viruses. We'll also discuss the recent... Error? from China blocking Facebook, how to monitor an online exam and an interesting reflection on how lax are we in our security software.

Millions of computers became infected in the 90s and we thought they were eradicated, but Microsoft has just noticed the return of macro viruses. They travel hidden along with documents created with Office Suite and some macro enabled. The victim opens the document attached to an email message, enables a macro asked to display and then gets infected. According to Microsoft, it has already affected half a million computers, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Fracia, Italy and Germany.

Meanwhile, in China, someone made a mistake and blocked the Chinese citizens visits on site, which controls "like" buttons at the social network. Although the incident was corrected relatively quickly, there has been much talk because it shows the power of Internet censorship, personified in the Great Firewall of China. To what extent are we free facing walls like this?

And along with censorship, monitoring is another big dragon chasing the surfer. "The New York Times" reports a case: exams  surveillance programs for online courses. According to the veteran newspaper he would be going too far, when recording the students and their computers with webcam, plus a window showing your own image recorded by the camera.

The RSA Conference closed its doors days ago but there's still some interesting issues on the table, as a security software conference which has expanded the blog TaoSecurity, by visiting sites which sell home or car security systems and reading with attention the guarantees offered. Their conclusion: If programs would offer the same level of guarantees, a new day would dawn.

And so we finish by wishing a happy May holiday to our readers! May the safety  always shine at its work!


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