Sunday, March 22, 2015

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (LXVII)

We complain about its insecurity, about selling our privacy, but, ah!, few internauts have managed to resist its influence and not to have a Facebook account. We are attracted much as it repels us and there is, as might be expected: our most read news this week, in this yours news feed, it's about Facebook. Behind it we have informations with more "charm" as Internet of Things, cyberwar and more.

The news was worth: Facebook has activated a new service that allows payments among users, provided a card number on their profile and password to make payments. If it works, it could mean a major change for the social network, with the emergence of new services such as auctions, sales, donations...

Within walking distance from Facebook, an information that relies on a study by Symantec criticizing the null safety of things that are being connected to the Internet of Things. Another issue that has attracted attention is the relationship between governments, playing increasingly cyberwar, and computer security companies. Some of them say they do not make public if detect viruses created by governments. Or don't work for "enemies".

We lower the voltage to recommend an animation that warns about risks of Internet for minors. It appeared in MundoHacker TV and was created by Blanca Tulleuda (@ dibu2pia). And we end with a shock, that that still have on their body the responsibles for a United States' dental clinic: somebody stole sensitive data of 150,000 customers. How? As always: sending an email with an attachment to an employee and, when he opened the attachment, the computer was infected.

We should go with increasingly care when interacting on the network, especially when opening attachments or links that someone sends to us. We will not stop telling it to you. Even though on Sunday.


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