Sunday, March 15, 2015

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (LXVI)

This week has given us juicy news, as cherry trees awakening from the winter lethargy and greeting spring with its explosion of flowers. Juicy and curious news that are reflected in our most read selection: Linux viruses, identity theft, United States government to seek and capture hackers ... Come on.

Our most read news this week is curiously associated with a minority operating system among users: GNU/Linux. National Institute for Cyber ​​Security alerts on malicious code in this free system, given the exponential growth of Linux on the Internet of Things and networked computers.

At very short distance, second story that has most interested our readers relates to Leah Palmer, a woman who stole other woman's photos on social networks, and created a complete online identity with them. By the way, talking about curious stories, that of Pentagon announcing with fanfare that will hire 3,000 hackers, better not imagine for what shady deals. But, are there in the world so many security professionals with enough level?

And we continue with something that is not funny but a truism: At last US banks will change procedures for accepting payments via iPhone's app Apple Pay. Controls were so lax that millions of dollars have been lost in fraud. Last but not least, an interesting text about the use of artificial intelligence to predict computer security attacks. When we recommended this article, during past week, we hazarded: Are we facing a future as it's painted in "Minority Report" film, with a Pre-crime Division?

Best not to think about it: today's Sunday, the day our neurons rest. Let's give them a happy break, dear readers.


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