Friday, March 13, 2015

The neverending rhapsody in the world of security

Bohemian Rhapsody is perhaps one of the most known songs in the history of rock. Written by Freddie Mercury for 1975's 'A Night at the Opera', it represents even today a true challenge, both on its structure (six different styles through five minutes), and in its meaning, possibly an autobiography of the feelings and unsteadiness of this mythical singer.

Unsteadiness or... well, insecurities. As we found insecurities in product distribution chains, especially in lax security policies from most commercial centers. There aren't more security breaches in US, they say at Verizon, but alert systems are more sophisticated here. So breaches are under-reported globally. This affects both banks and final customers, and it jeopardizes world economy.

Those insecurities are also found in automotive industry. Toyota, Ford and General Motors have been charged by a Dallas' law firm for not implanting appropriate security measures in order to avoid attacks from cyber gangsters. It's even worse: they are charged for hiding deliberately dangers linked to car computing systems.

In his song, Freddie Mercury establishes an interior fight between good and bad, invoking the expiration for its  soul doomed to hell. He asks himself why has he done what he did, and what can he do for redemption. If we go business, there are 5 questions that will help any board of directors to line up business with security. They are really 5 good questions, as well as they are supposed to be when coming from ESET company: business targets; initiatives on information security; laws to comply with; risks according to business typology; and, of course, available budget.

Just a step under global strategy, a 'must' in every single service, don't matter if oriented to final user or to a corporate profile, is a good management of passwords security. It involves computer system and also instruction to those who will use the service. Managing passwords could be considered as another promising rock rhapsody, like the unforgettable Bohemian one Mercury gift us when he was alive.


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