Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Disjoining digital and real world: a huge mistake

Monday, 09.00 AM. As every morning, you leave home and go to work, but before reaching your car, an elegant man stops you and gives you 200 euros, in exchange for you to deposit a wad of money in a bank account Corner. Would you?

Most people would not do, due to the simple fact that it looks like it's going to be a scam, or at least you'll get in trouble. But instead, if we transfer the same case to the digital world, things change. Why?

We often speak of real vs digital world, when the right thing is to speak of physical vs digital world. Both are part of the same reality. Actions taken in one of them have consequences in the other one, and viceversa. Because of that, it does not surprise a lot that last Financial Cyber Threats Report from Kaspersky Lab brings out that 28,8% of succesful phishing attacks affect users financial data. It is almost one third of phishing attacks, easier said than done.  

It should be the same on connectivity. Nobody would think of bugging the neighbour cable of power lines to steal him, but we do with every open WiFi we find on the way. And if there is no neighbour behind the WiFi, but a cyber crook, ok, you know, what may happen, will happen.

Android has earned the throne of worlwide most used operating systems... and also one of the most attacked. Scams and hoax are everywhere, and there are millions of tools to audit each one of the system elements. Sometimes more technical, sometimes more user-oriented, but in any case, it's a huge information ecosystem waiting to be used for doing the good.

Every OS is just like a physical system. We have got the door closed at home, and we need a key to get in, right? OK, but even such basic issue is often forgotten when going online. Your website is like your home, and it needs appropriate security measures. If you are one of those that have built their home on Wordpress foundations, hey, you are in luck: ESET has released just some hours ago a whitepaper with every single question you should be considering.

So next time you want to talk about out-of-bits world, do it as if you were in physical world, not in "real world". Connotations of these two terms are not compatible, and that brings situations like we are living right now. Regards!


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