Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cyber romanticism and business

On this day, 170 years ago, the summit work as it is considered of Spanish Romanticism was premiered: Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla, a drama literature embodying the myth of Don Juan. Trickster, misdeeds maker, arrogant, contemptuous and virgins seducer. A fledged 'hacker' of the public behavior, always looking beyond the limits. But as we will see at the end of this post, he could even be on our side.

It's been a long time since cybercriminals are not the romantic figure of Don Juan. In their efforts to infiltrate systems we don't even find the behavior of a swashbuckler, counting how many devices they have infected. The slogan that moves them is show me the money and they do not hesitate to take advantage of the 'maidens' who have been attracted by the most seductive face of Internet: gaming platforms, tools for early adopters, or collaborative spaces for code development. The digital balaclava thieves are primarily marketing experts: they go where the user is, because that is where the business is.

If we take a walk through Surfwatch cybercrime labs, we may see that at this time the two main objectives are the gaming platform owned by Amazon, Twitch, and the mobile operating system with an overwhelming share of the world market, Android. And beside them, online banking fraud, up by 48%. Here is no way for romanticism rules: if you get a minimal portion of the sweetest cakes, you've already won.

That is why the thieves have attacked Slack as has begun to emerge as successful internal messaging system, and even the organization of work in multiple corporate levels. Cyber Don Juans are not intended to seduce any novice, but attack tools that excite companies. Business 2 - Romanticism 0.

China is starring, supposedly, a new massive attack against GitHub, collaborative space for code generation most used in the world. Again, against the user, this time via massive DDoS attack, where both the originality of the attack and the response from the guys at GitHub draw the attention. You may find detailed account of the event in a really curated post on Security By Default blog.

Anyway, it does not appear that donjuanismos are very much in vogue in the darkest part of the Internet, although they appear everywhere misdeeds of all kinds. As we know, the user is the weakest link in the chain, so it never hurts to take a look at recommendations for our own home, such as those recently published by Kaspersky. Yes, these recommendations we all know... but we rarely fulfilled 100%. Do you really turn off the router when we go to sleep? Better yet, do you ever read the instruction manuals of the devices?

"How they shout those devils!", Don Juan utters in the first verse of Zorrilla's work. Let's subscribe with him, for once, the conspiracy against those who threaten us: "Let me be damned by forked lightning if when this letter I’m writing is done, I don’t end their revels!"


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