Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blue and black or... white and gold cybersecurity

"What colors actually are they? White and gold or blue and black?.” Very few images like the one of this dress that changes its colors depending on who you see it have been so viral. It has generated a lot of discussions of all types, in cafes, offices, schools, holding the smartphone and showing the photo to everyone.

Then, cybercrime is coming or going? Does it grow or decrease? Does it have boundaries or not? As it happened with the photo of the dress, it depends on who you are asking. And, to be precise, it depends on the sensitivity that someone has regarding the side of cybercrime that he is looking at. If you take into consideration reports like this one by Silicon News, you may find a rather negative picture. There are reports from all types of market players that leave it clear that we are going from bad to worse. And with this warning header: "Cybercrime has become an unpleasant consequence of the connected society in which we live."

But if you look to the other side of this reality, you will not see the dress in black tones anymore and begin to see it in white. Financial Trojans has suffered a significant decline among online threats, according to a study carried out by Symantec: there are 53% fewer infections, and 74% fewer phishing e-mails. This security firm suggests that this decline may be due to the increasing number of arrests and dismantlement of networks by security forces.

But one of the biggest questions of cybersecurity is if it is possible to easily disable a DDoS attack. This kind of attack is a real nightmare in corporate environments: website collapsed, customer service inoperative, vast resources to divert illegitimate traffic, errors of all kinds, etc. Cybercriminals know where to hit. The cake of large corporations is very appetizing, but also limited. Therefore most of these attacks target companies with less than 999 employees. Within this group, the largest number of attacks affects companies below 250 employees. SMEs of the world: Become armed for cyberwar and leave viral dresses aside!

However imagine that citizens were classified according with the color of the dress that they see. Actually it could be a possible scenario, given how authorities and government forces parameterize every detail of individuals. At least that's what whistleblowers as Edward Snowden argue and documentaries as the recent Oscar winner Citizen Four argue. Our colleague, Pablo Fernández Iglesias, offers an overview and perspective on the matter.

Ok. Leaving all these stories apart… What do you think? Blue and black? White and gold? ;-) Comment, share and talk with us on social networks. Cybersecurity is not just a daily post.


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