Friday, March 27, 2015

Beware of your hotel wifi this holidays

We're starting to get used to hearing stories to keep you awake, concerning public wifi connections and especially, hotels wifi services. A few years ago, it was discovered a criminal operation called Dark Hotel, that assaulted computers from executives traveling on business when they connected their devices to the hotel wifi service.  Since then, we have seen with new eyes the very relative intimacy that can give us these connections.

If you, dear reader, are planning to stay in a hotel these Easter holidays, you should know that it's been recently discovered a major security flaw in the "routers" of many hotel chains, that could allow an attacker to deliver viruses to those who connect via wifi, steal data or spy on what they sent through the network, and even know his name and where are they hosted.

Something that helps when we do not trust connections, is the use of tools like the famous and always controversial Tor network. Yasha Levine, a Russian journalist, has conducted a thorough investigation on Tor, which says it is a project developed and funded by the security agencies of the US as the Pentagon, the State Department and others. In fact, 90% of the funding of Tor in 2013 was provided by the US government itself. 

Another network which is now in the news is the contact net Tinder: a programmer, angry because women had privileges, discovered that the "app" Tinder was so open that allowed a joke:Connect men with other men and make them believe that they're talking to a woman. The result: 40 false talks in the first 12 hours, with men flirting between them unknowingly. 

And we ended the week with another curious new: next month will be held a new edition of the RSA Conference, one of the most important events of the Infosec community, and the organization has made public the netiquette to be followed in the event, which expressly prohibits the "sexy" hostesses so usual at this kind of fairs.

We can only hope other conventions to follow the same path, or at least, there should be denigration for both genres, and we should also glance at some "sexy" male hostesses. Just kidding! Have a happy weekend. 


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