Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bad people are increasingly bad... and good people too?

We woke up this morning with some stories to keep you awake at nights, that make us suspect if those whom should protect us on the Internet are truly willing to it. Rather, it seems that some of them doesn't have their own house in order, while crime keeps unpunished, especially in their ghettos. That's what our first story is about, a ghetto called Dark Web where for the umpteenth time, a thief has stolen something to other thieves and now we should expected him to have one hundred years of forgiveness. 
@HackingMom anime detail, Dibu2pia copyright
The thief is known by two alias: Kimble and Verto, both administrators of the bazaar in the dark web Evolution Market, where criminals were selling all kinds of contraband material, from drugs to stolen passwords. In the last 24 hours, Kimble and Verto have closed the market and disappeared with the money they owed to the merchants, which could exceed $12 million in bitcoins. Nobody has any hope of recovering it, at least not following the usual channels to report it to the police.

It's not Police doing a bad job. But we can discuss the professionality of some Administration officials, like it's happening in nothing less than in the almighty United States. Last Friday, the State Department employees lost the access to their email accounts for an entire day as a result of a cyberattack. 120 days earlier, they had suffered another one. There´re already voices discussing the work of the secretary of the department, who once decided not to monitor or correct network vulnerabilities on a daily basis. 

Others who are on the side of the good too but have more than enough problems, are the Microsoft company. Recently the issuance of a new fraudulent certificate for the Microsoft Live service for Finland has been detected. With this certificate, the attackers may have introduced malicious code on computers that, seeing it was certified, have given free passage without complaint. Fortunately, Microsoft has already revoked it.

And for finishing, a gem to behold, although the content is not a funny issue: a beautiful anime about the risks of being in the Internet for children. The author is the great Blanca Tulleuda, also known as @HackingMom. Do not miss to watch it or share it with your friends -specially friends with kids. It is very important to spread awareness about this issue because there are cases of genuine fear. 


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