Friday, February 13, 2015

What does Internet have that everybody fall in love with it?

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Every year, February 14th is highlighted on the calendar of most couples. And cybercriminals are aware of it, so they look for a way to take advantage of usual haste and carelessness of lovers.

Whether we have a partner or not, we always have a few candidates. Therefore a group of cybercriminals somewhere will be wrapping any of the 7 gifts they talk about at ESET. Chocolate boxes with worms, spam love letters, "trojanized" cuddle toys, infected bouquets flowers, geolocation jewelry, downloadable files with gift and fake discount vouchers. There is something for everyone.

They make plenty of money out of identity theft. Social networks provide a perfect channel to impersonate individual, which could eventually cause him serious problems with his family, friends and / or justice.

Valentine’s Day affects us all, both for good and for bad. Love plays an essential role in our society, and cybercriminals know it. Therefore, they do not hesitate to pose as a woman who allegedly finds your profile interesting so they can obtain information (and even money), hooking you with her words and photographs. It is also increasingly common that contact apps are used to spread monitoring malware, subscribe to paid service or deliver deception campaigns.

The guys at Panda Security alerted customers of Santander Bank of a new phishing campaign impersonating the bank’s website. It is perfectly cloned. As soon as you introduce your login credentials, you're sold.

Fortunately organizations and governments are aware and increasingly allocate more resources for this fight. This week, the White House created a new division against digital crime, while Facebook announced its own platform for sharing security holes. It is a kind of information hub open to other large companies, allowing law enforcement to act as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All this happens while lovers live out their fantasy!


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