Sunday, February 15, 2015

Top 5 infosec links of the week (LXIII)

We may find in the huge source of quotes from Internet what Isaac Newton said once: "Unity is variety, and variety in unity is the supreme law of Universe". If this is true, then this blog is close near to become one of those supreme laws. Since last Monday, you the readers have determined that variety as the main story of the stories leading to this top 5 of the week.

Variety number 1: cyber war. The week started hard, really hard. If we could take a cocktail shaker and shake two things like Anonymous and Islamic State, then we should run out of there, because it should be an explosive cocktail. Hacktivist group broke ISIS computer defenses and made its Social Media accounts... well, 'looking like hell'. Those who commit attacks, sometimes they suffer them.

Variety number 2: privacy. DroidStealth is a new tool for Android devices, that presumes not only of encrypt data, but also of hiding anything to anyone. If you want to access the app and the data, you have got options as crazy as dialing a fake phone number, or tapping 5 times on an invisible widget in your home screen. In the end, a true Saint Valentine gift for 'lovers' of the dark.

Variety number 3: phishing. It seems impossible to avoid phishing when remembering top stories every single week. This time it's one of the most credible attacks in recent times, a boast of social engineering, malware and hidden routes, targeting Microsoft corporate clients. The goal is the known treasure: access credentials from users falling into the trap.

Variety number 4: ethical hacking, or as it said in the post itself: hacking for-fun-and-profit. Very dense technical literature, posted on Security Art Work days ago, to delight the most geek readers.

And variety number 5: our money. Financial cyber threats are the core of Kaspersky's last report. In it you may find slight decreases of some 'all-times' stealing techniques, at the time that there are new trends, like malware attacks for bitcoin mining.

Five varieties in the same unity, the risk, whose technological management is the 'raison d'etre' of this Center. Comment, share and interact with us on social networks: the more variety we are in unity, the more near we will be to those Newton's 'supreme laws of Universe'.


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