Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Safer Internet Day was like this

The XII edition of the Safer Internet Day (SID) was celebrated yesterday. Both companies and media take this date to raise public awareness of the importance of cyber protection and the need of appropriate security measures to make this environment a safer place. HEre we will pick up some of the topics from yesterday.

The guys at ESET Latinoamérica warn of the dangers of our universe of connected devices. In five years, almost any kind of technology around us will be connected and sharing information, which requires security measures and standardization in order to safeguard the integrity of such data3.

An article of Conectica brings you 5 tips to protect the cloud services you use. Two-factor authentication, unique passwords, security settings on every device, on social profiles and especially on public WIFI networks are matters that we have already discussed here. In any case, you should check them out again.

Our colleague Pablo F. Iglesias came with 5 strategies to "hack the system" and stop being a slave of connectivity. They are some ideas that can be applied to both Internet and society in general. They force the user to stop being just one more in the crowd and deliver value to the rest. No complacency, after all. has released several guides to prevent and respond to cases of cyberbullying. Here goes a PDF file focused on cyberbullying among health employees, which has increasingly led more people to depression and even suicide. In fact, it is based on an even bigger problem: the lack of education in IT.

Precisely this is the main topic of an article by Juan García (@blogoff). Tendency to blame children when a problem arises on the Internet makes little kids to be afraid of talking to their parents when they suffer any type of cyberbullying. When the family learns of it, it is usually too late. In this sense, Juan recommends that the parents make their children understand that these cases are not their fault, so they should help them overcoming it rather than punish them because of it.

More news for a safer Internet: Google will give you 2 extra GB in Google Drive if you review the security settings of your Google account. It will take you only a couple of minutes, but certainly increase your security while giving you more cloud storage space. 

Events and announcements related to the Safer Internet Day are still taking place today. So you have no possible excuse to not spend some time reviewing these issues. Do not leave it for tomorrow, do it now!


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