Thursday, February 5, 2015

Security on the Internet: Some tips

 The network is a vast unexplored territory. Both users and cybercriminals bring together there. As we saw yesterday, the bad boys threaten your digital identity which increasingly affects you also in the real world.

In 2015 we are witnessing massive attacks on networks and servers of large gaming platforms and vulnerabilities arising for the most popular operating systems. All this translates into the user constantly upgrading his services and OS to patch security holes. He also has to be aware of sophisticated ransomware being spreading all over the network by phishing, social engineering campaigns and Internet malicious ads.

Mobile devices are on cybercrime’s spotlight. Therefore let’s remember six myths about mobile security. As an example, the myth that says a cell phone does not need an antivirus or the other stating that app are secure if they were manufactured by a well-known brand...

In fact, there is a very well known app that you surely have on your smartphone. This is Whatsapp. In this sense, there are 7 tips you may consider to improve the security of the app, such as hiding the "Last Online" status or keeping you profile picture private.

Well, in relation with WhatsApp, Facebook, which owns this messaging app, is celebrating its 11th birthday. This event is the perfect excuse for changing Facebook’s security policy while jeopardizing its users’ privacy. In fact, your "Likes" will haunt you wherever you go.

Spam continues to fill security risk lists. But relatively recently, China became the first spam issuing country, beating American hegemony in latest years. 1 in 6 spam emails that you receive in your inbox today come from China, although they may be written in perfect Spanish or English.

Meanwhile all those who have a Bitcoin account should check these 10 tips to protect their virtual wallet. Actually all the tips are useful for any Internet service: password security, double factor-authentication, privacy, encryption...).

Here go six topics for regular users, with easy tips for keeping you safe in your safari across the Internet.


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