Saturday, February 7, 2015

Playing with your data

No one will dispute that the cost of living is very high, also for cybercriminals: in 2007, one stolen email account would be paid on the black market at an average of 10 euros, today you'd be lucky if someone pays you the same amount for 1,000 email accounts. And one credit card, with its credentials, costs no more than 15 euros. It's difficult to have a decent wage with these prices going down, so we see more and more data thefts of more and more sensitive information.

The last incident has been the theft of a lot of information about financial, health, place of residence, etc, from 80 millions of Americans, customers and former customers at the second insurer in the country, Anthem. Right now they're investigating how thieves carried out the robbery of those databases that, oh surprise, were not encrypted.

Lawsuits will come. Someone must pay for so great negligence. For now, payers are troubled Anthem clients, in full hysteria of being scammed: the company has advised them about the possibility of receiving custom mail messages where they'd be urged to download a program, visit a web site and other actions that may lead to infections and thefts.

The absolutely interdependent networks' nature magnifies the danger for those people. Theft of your data would not go much further if there not were, for example, security holes in your browser that allow virus to infect you when you access a web site, without yours knowledge. This is the case of the last bug on Flash Player, an applications that's on all browsers. Adobe company has just released a patch for it.

Another current cyber scams campaign offers software as new Whatsapp for the web, but actually it's a virus. Beware of it! We end up with something curious: Secure Thoughts company has created what would be the standard hacker face, from combining 50 faces of good and bad hackers. And has not forgotten women hackers.

It's a pity not to have faces of those who steal our data and infect our devices, to sue them! Let's enjoy this full moon Saturday, dear readers.


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