Thursday, February 12, 2015

Internet outlaws: Fraud, Security and Anonymity

Wanted, dead or alive! They are three dangerous subjects. They are used to chew smuggled personal data behind the shelter of hidden networks. They are stealthy and good at the keyboard. And they are not afraid of anything. Fraud, Security and Anonymity are the band that strikes terror into the digital world.

Fraud is everything a ruthless villain would be. It is the leader of the underworld, who does not hesitate to hit big fishes. It sometimes does it in an old-fashioned way, by infecting client’s computers and activating an alert when such user accesses his banking portal. Then it is showed an alleged erroneous transfer message that the user should return. And it works indeed.

In other occasions fraud uses the good name of a county sheriff, as recently happened to Microsoft. A phishing campaign targeting corporate clients use its brand to spread a Trojan horse malware that can stay dormant for minutes in order to make antivirus software to become "neurotic."

However fraud often takes advantage of its victim’s fears. For instance, the loss of health care if the alleged debtor does not give up the amount of debt with the Social Security.

But fraud does not work alone. Security is the naughty boy of the group. Actually it is good guy, but sometimes too naive. 10 million passwords along with their correspondent accounts, have recently been released so the experts can investigate user’s common patterns. Nevertheless it is a double-edged sword because it could ultimately cause problems to civil protection organization although the user/password pairs are no longer in use (and were obtained from public internet links).

Who really knows this very well is the Anonymity. Anonymity as soon protects the user’s interests as it helps Fraud in its misdeeds. The Tor network is one of his most prized acquisitions, and occasionally it surprises us with a trip into the Deep Web.

Security is always aware of what happens around. Fraud can give it a hard time, but security does not doubt when informing of possible security breach on the systems used by Fraud and Anonymity. In this case, regarding cars and trucks.

In the end fraud, Security and Anonymity are these three subjects which maintain the balance of the network. It seems that each of them can not live without the others.


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