Wednesday, February 4, 2015

From virtual to real environment: digital crime may pay dearly for its misdeeds

It began as a game, but it became real nowadays. Digital crime may pay dearly for its misdeeds today. Events in the virtual environment have more and more consequences in the physical one. Are you prepared to that?

Rapid7 has alerted of that around 5,800 US gas tanks are vulnerable to attacks since their configuration panels are accessible from the Internet WITHOUT ANY PASSWORD.

It is clear that we do not learn the lesson. BMW went against time to update the software in its vehicles so it could prevent anyone opening BMW cars using just a cell phone. Such vulnerability "only" affects 2.2 million customers... The point is that the vehicle control application called Connected Drive used a SSL standard protocol for communications.

What could they be the negative effects of signing up on a social network for gamers? At a first sight nothing at all, right? As long as the company behind, in this case Raptr, is the victim of a hacking attack to steal thousands of private data of its users. Email addresses, full names, passwords and other information could be used to violate other services.

Actually you are using different passwords for each services, right? A SailPoint’s study reveals what you already knew: Most workers feel great indifference toward the protection of corporate data. Neither they care of personal data, so you can imagine when it comes to corporate security. 1 in 5 shares access data from other members of the company, and 56% of them do not hesitate to repeat passwords for different services.

However boards of directors are aware of such situation and know that any security flaw is translated into economic losses. In this sense, the vital role of data processing centers for insurance companies was one of the key issues discussed at the latest meeting of the Observatorio Capital. Security measures should be strengthened and the training gap must be covered as soon as possible.

Security becomes even a more worrying issue when you are aware of that the BND (German intelligence agency) stores ten million phone calls and 220 billion metadata of those calls EVERY DAY.

In fact, digital security can affect your own integrity. A central gas blowing up, the theft of your car, or the impersonation of your identity are possible consequences of information stolen from an Internet service. The network becomes a new battlefield. Quieter, more subtle, but equally dangerous....


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