Saturday, January 24, 2015

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We'll get serious this Saturday and recommend to our audience not hesitate to spend an hour of your day off watching the public conversation between Bruce Schneier, guru of computer security gurus, and Big Hacker Edward Snowden, responsible for leaking thousands of classified documents from EEUU and UK secret services.

The talk was held yesterday at Harvard Data Privacy Symposium and touched on various issues related to privacy, from effectiveness of encryption tools to government monitoring on the Internet. Delightful talk that sheds light on always dark world of secret services, but also disturbing because of the experts' dialog was showing.

We keep getting serious when we read the statements of Sir David Omand, head of GCHQ, the British secret service division dedicated to spy on computer networks. Mr. Omand warns that if companies like Apple or Google introduce more advanced encryption options in their products, spies should use harshest techniques to perform their work, for example hacking directly into people's computers and phones.

It's difficult to balance national security and privacy, but here we focus on home security that protects our privacy. This is the role of thousands of manuals and guides. The last we've read demystifies some tips that often occur to ensure our home WiFis. In parallel, Google continues his crusade for a safer Internet, revealing security holes through its Project Zero. After revealing Microsoft holes, now it's Apples time: three 0days and one exploit for OSX.

We hope you like the video and here's a tip: it's difficult to understand Snowden, because he speaks by videoconference. It's quite useful in these cases prick the "Subtitles" option on Youtube. You're welcome! And happy Saturday.


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