Sunday, January 25, 2015

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (LXI)

There's more and more people who pay attention to computer security, sometimes due to bad experiences as suffering their Facebook acount's robbery or, commonly, discovering their computer's full of virus. For many years viruses have been number one Internet users' fear. But today there are more complex threats: not only you have a virus, but also it can turn your computer into a botnet's zombie. Or the risk is not only that an evil hacker can attack a company: your home network can also be attacked.

Their routers and home WiFi networks are major concerns for netizens. And to secure them, without being experts in this field, is their big problem. So they thank handbooks as most read this week: a fast and easy text to manage our WiFi networks.

Surprisingly, our second most read story has nothing to do with users' universe and is light years ahead from them, in computer forensics world. That shows our audience's wide range. Now we don't talk about home tricks but a complete handbook about tools and proceedings to manipulate information taken from computer networks, in order to use it in trials.

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Following this information, in our most read ranking we have other equally interesting informations: how to detect botnets using Domain Name System, a recent talk between computer security guru Bruce Schneier and infamous Edward Snowden, and a curious story: thieves used an iPod nano to take pictures of people introducing their PINs in an ATM.

We'll never be bored of repeating that, when you enter your PIN in an ATM, you have to hide what are you typing. With your hand, a folder, the purse... don't show your PIN! Have a nice Sunday, dear readers, far away from cybercrime.


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