Sunday, January 18, 2015

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (LX)

Who said that nobody's interested on privacy? This belief should be rephrased because our most read news this week, with wide margin, refers to mobile privacy. Interestingly, however, other informations relating to new DNI cards' privacy have caused big discussions among computer security experts, but received no attention from our readers. Possibly because they are not using this new DNI yet.

Indeed, this week has two stories that have had very high audience. Most read's a guide created by Asturias Hacklab with advice on mobile security and privacy: Social networks, photos, messaging, etc. Following this and also with unusual audience there's an information that touches many people: the announcement of an important vulnerability in Movistar routers.

The assault, by Islamic State supporters, of US Army Command Center's Twitter and Youtube accounts has also attracted high attention from our readers. "Laughts" have been heard up till Beijing. And Symantec has published an interesting report which describes the active and lucrative black market for stolen data online.

Things bot bought on Deep Web
But our readers' attention does not surround just to raw news and data. We know they also like reflection. On this occasion, our security analyst Pablo F. Iglesias provides it, with an artistic experiment, where two programmers created a bot that made random purchases on Deep Web and gave it 100 bitcoins. If bot buys illegal things, commits a crime? Can a bot commit an offense if he is not aware of it?

Cyberpunk novels are becoming increasingly true. For Gibson and Stephenson sake, have a good Sunday, illustrious and beloved audience.


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