Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (LVIII)

It happens that way: we start new year thinking and hoping it'll be different than past year. We promise to exercise more, quit smoking, pass that forgotten exam... But, quite a surprise, we look at our weekly five most read news and discover that, while 2014 was turning into 2015, nothing has changed in outside world: data theft, pedophilia and phishing stay the same ill-fated trending topics on Internet.

Most read news this week belongs to new year, was published on Friday, January 2th: Massive data thefts persist in big US commercial chains. The problem is that data is not theirs but their customers' names and credit card numbers, customers who rely on establishments that invest virtually zero budgets in computer security.
Another bad issue is Tor network's use mainly for child pornography. This is demonstrated by a study presented at Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, the winter reference event for computer security world. Tor was created to allow anonymous Internet use, not just pedophilia, as explains this infographic, the most widely read in our special infographics Christmas edition.
Icon created by Tim Van Damme 
We end, fortunately, with good energies. Those that give us two blogs, dedicated to inform about dangers to net users and how to avoid them. On the one hand, a phishing campaign against GoDaddy accounts. On the other, text written by our security analyst, Pablo F. Iglesias, about use of neutral DNS and virtual private networks to circumvent government censorship.

The fact is that if passage of time is not enough to change the world, we must change ourselves, for example by reading blogs that instruct us, and so bring our change to the outside. Food for thought on this Sunday, sad Sunday to whom last here their winter holidays.


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