Sunday, January 11, 2015

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (LIX)

This Sunday it's very clear what news have most liked our readers on this week: 2014 security abstracts have swept in audience. That brings us the thought: why we like so much to have it all, past also, under control, well organized and packaged? Maybe for the illusion that our lives are not subjected to natural, universal and irreversible law of entropy, queen of chaos and confusion. 

Ah, what fools we are! Confirm it dozens of companies that could not avoid the robbery of thousands and even millions of their customers' data, from small enterprises to very big corporations as Orange, eBay, Apple, Sony... Data theft is king of crimes in the network, as highlight 2014 abstracts from Ontinet and PandaLabs. Our readers have also been interested by Windows vulnerabilities on 2014, compiled by ESET.

But, ah!, new year, new life, and on this week we have not been alone in a languid look back. Besides summaries about past year, two stories have won unusual attention from our readers, reaching record numbers of visitors. Both are worth, one because of its technical interest: tools to crack WiFi networks protected with encryption, without having to run dictionary attacks.

The other information has been most read because of its personal interest, with a touch of sex and it-could-happen-to-you: a coach sent video where he masturbated to his girlfriend, but mistakenly he sent it also to his contacts in a social network, including six high school girls from the soccer team he coached. Big mistake.

Cyber sex and computer security are never a good combination. Let's enjoy this Sunday, with or without sex, and have a superb week.


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