Tuesday, January 6, 2015

There is a present for you from the Three Wise Men

Today is bank holiday in Spain. We are celebrating the Three Wise Men Day, which is a magical time for both kids and adults. The Three Wise Men traditionally bring Christmas gifts for Spaniards of all ages on January 6th as they did for Jesus Christ more than two thousand years ago, according to the Bible. 

So CIGTR’s team would like to give you this article as a special present for the security of both your family and you. 

Let’s start with a positive piece of information. The iDict tool created by Pr0x13 which allowed anyone to bypass Apple iCLoud protections by brute force attack has stopped working. Cupertino patched the flaw, which was considered as "painfully obvious" by its discoverer few days ago .

This kind of vulnerabilities appeas sooner or later. When a service requires several sub-services to run, it is likely that some element of the chain is vulnerable at some point after several updates. And that's when security comes into play. But such security tools and measures should come from both the company itself and you. To prevent a new iDict releasing your information to third parties, strengthen your password, and above all, activate two-factor authentication.

Speaking specifically about the Internet, what do you think they are the four security fronts that we must keep fighting from now on? It is very simple. XSS attack are becoming more usual due to proliferation of content management platforms such as Wordpress or Joomla. Third party’s pieces of code allow you to develop products and online services much faster  in exchange for diversifying attack channels. So automatic protections (firewalls, scanners and malware detection services) have to evolve rapidly to become sophisticated enough to deal with all what is coming.

If you are already in the scene, or you are unsure about where to start, perhaps the best bet you can make for the coming years is entering the mobile payments security sector. This is a real battlefield hereafter, which requires both standardization and protocols that generate more confidence for both the client and the intermediaries. There is an actual good opportunity for any expert (or apprentice) who wants to boost his career.

We hope you enjoyed your gift! Happy Three Wise Men day!


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