Monday, January 19, 2015

The question "how much" in cybersecurity

Have you ever looked carefully at the suggested results offered by search engines like Google or Bing while you are typing your search term? Users tend to go to search engines to resolve their doubts. A recurrent one is the question “how much is...?.” What suggested results could  someone get when searching a “how much” question on a corporate cybersecurity search engine?

How many resources should you invest to implement adequate security measures for an Internet-connected infrastructure? This may be the first suggestion. And its first result certainly would link this new study released by ENISA (European Cyber ​​Security Agency listing a number of best practices that guarantee protection such architectures.

How much does malware cost to companies? $ 1.3 million a year, which means around 21,000 work hours lost, "thanks" to false negatives in cybersecurity alerts. Organizations receive about 17,000 alerts every week, but only 19% of them can be considered as reliable.

This hypothetical search engine should also have a news section, or at least link a number of hot news when asking “how much is to hijack a Twitter account?.” Actually it is a trendy strategy. The American Central Command,, The New York Post and news agency UPI suffered such situation recently. Keeping in mind that cost is not (only) money, but reputation. Warning of false attacks between the US and China which led to the World War III from their Twitter accounts hurts their reputation dramatically .

Precisely China would be Top 1 of searches about how much espionage between countries is. In this sense, a few hours ago Snowden said China could have obtained about 50 terabytes of data from alleged spying on Australia, including plans of its new military fighters development.

As a matter of fact, there is a new wave of Espionage-As-A-Service. This business has gone on stage right after hacking attack on Sony. It brings a scenario in which cybercriminals could be being hired as mercenaries across governments and companies.

Well, perhaps a search engine like this would be highly welcome wide by the market. And it could have a lite version for regular users. What kind of terms do you think would be the most requested? Here is a clue. It has to do with... “How much”, and also with a dark blue social network whose name begins with F. Do you already know what we're talking about? :)


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