Saturday, January 3, 2015

Good news in computer security? Really?

Yes! Maybe because criminals are now professionals and have Christmas holidays as the rest. Computer security world is not prodigal in happy news, rather is full of news about attacks, robberies, extortion, bombings... But on this Saturday, surprisingly, most informations have a point of positivity.

Just like that arrest of two Lizard Squad members, one in UK and another in Finland. These are not good news for them, but for thousands of people affected by their bombings against videogames sites, whom could not play online on Christmas. A hackers group created ex professo, Finest Squad, found them and led to their detention.

Rumours say Lizard Squad helped Sony Pictures' attackers, but we prefer to put this in doubt, given the vast mythology created around Sony hack. So we wonder why United States President comes into play, imposing sanctions on supposed responsible North Korea. US has suffered cyberattacks for years, from China and other countries, but never showed a public response. It's a new stage in cyberwar? We'll see.

Meanwhile, Apple's cloud trembles because of the publication of a new tool, iDict, that assaults iCloud accounts using dictionary attacks, ie: testing possible passwords until it finds the correct, if it's a weak password. Good news is that we also have the list of passwords that iDict could break, as Superman1, Antonio1 or Pr1nc3ss. If your iCloud password is among the "lucky winners", change it!

This report ends with another positive information, now for Windows world: Old, heavy Internet Explorer browser is in the road to extinction. Windows 10 OS will have IE preinstalled because many people still use it, but it'll bring also a new, lightweight, cross-platform browser, with extensions support. They call it "the Microsoft's Chrome" and its codename is Spartan.

Hope the rest of the year brings us more good news or, at least, a balance between good and bad. Have a good and anticyclonic Saturday, dear readers!


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