Saturday, January 10, 2015

Crime -almost- always pays in Internet

If you're a criminal, Internet has many good things for you, including free resources that facilitate your work and, as they cost you nothing, make your profit greater. Also, if you're a good professional, no one will follow your steps because you can clear your fingerprints. And, with this information revolution Big Bang still expanding, new devices are connected to the Internet every second, potential victims for you. It's a bargain to be a cybercriminal.

Galen Marsh, disloyal employee at Morgan Stanley
Maybe Lizard Squad group thought it. They were known for riding spectacular bombings against gaming sites... until police caught them. Their last action was Lizard Stresser, a public tool that performs DDoS attacks. We now know that the basis of Lizard Stresser were thousands of infected domestic routers, attacking under the criminals orders. Cheap workforce.

Also Galen Marsh, employee at well known US investment bank Morgan Stanley, believed nobody will catch him. According to the bank, last month somebody stole credentials from 350,000 of its customers, including passwords to access bank accounts, and asked 78.0000 Speedcoins in charge. While the bank stock went down, police strove to the thief's identity: a financial advisor called Galen Marsh, 30 years old.

There's nothing sacred today. Not even computers that control infrastructure systems such electricity, water, traffic or nuclear energy. This will be their year, with cybercrime increasingly interested in this field. According to a Trend Micro researcher, criminals are experimenting with banking Trojans, masquerading them as program updates to see if such systems accept them.

Other vital systems are veterans in cybercrime affairs, as ATMs. With the new year we knew a curious "hack" that's becoming popular in United States: They insert a circuit board in one of the ATM's USB ports, that will emulate the entire system and the cashier will believe that everything is normal. Then with a Samsung Galaxy S4, they enter the necessary commands to steal money.

Sounds easy, but we assure you, dear readers, that you need to study  hard to invent something similar and, also, not be caught. It's better not to risk and take advantage of this weekend, maybe going out for a walk, away from the screens.


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