Sunday, December 21, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (LVII)

Usually on these dates, media ask brainy experts to, after much deliberation, decide what issues will be key next year. Here at CIGTR we are lucky because our readers are experts or, at least, very curious. So, we just need to take a glance at what has most interested them on this week to find out which will be the 2015 security trending topics.

On one hand and as undisputed threat rises malware that encrypts information contained on computers and demands a ransom for deciphering it. CryptoLocker is best known but there are others, like TorrentLocker, that AV company ESET has meticulously analyzed.

Secondly, a matter that's here for years: banking credentials theft, using increasingly sophisticated malware, in a clear outline of crimeware-as-a-Service.

Third and newer we have the Internet of Things concept, moving at high speedValencian CSIRT has submitted a report on its safety. Also our analyst Pablo Fernández Iglesias talks about IoT security, showing how unprotected is communication between two devices on the Internet of Things, such as a mobile phone and a smartwatch.

Last but not least, our readers pay attention to what's possibly the great hit and big business for security experts on 2015: computer security on companies of all sizes. The im-pressi-ve hack against Sony has lit all alarms in corporate world.

We wish you health and safe computing for next year! Let's spend a good Sunday and don't lose your insight, dear readers.


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