Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (LVI)

What's Lizard Squad? Possibly this name will sound familiar just to a few readers, but things would change if we clarify that it's the group responsible for recent cyber attacks that have stretched PlayStation and XBox Live online sites. Both actions have been, by far, the most read stories this week.

No wonder, considering that online gaming is one of the main interests on the Internet and any interruption is widely commented. Bad hackers know it, as Lizard Squad, one of the most active computer crime gangs, devoted in body and soul to attack the video game business. And so they are doing: PlayStation website was inaccessible during all Monday. And Microsoft's XBox Live suffered a heavy Distributed Denial of Service bombardment that left the service KO last weekend. To make matters worse, Lizard Squad has announced that will knock Sony again this Christmas.

Another corporate giant that has received prior attention from our readers is AliExpress, one of chinese company Alibaba's e-commerce platforms: a researcher has unveiled a bug, as serious as easy to exploit, that allows an attacker to get it's buyers' data, and also make changes and cancellations.

Another bug that has been hanging around this week in security research world has been POODLE, whom we remember made obsolete SSL, the protocol to cipher communications, and now threatens its replacement, TLS. Finally, it has come to our attention Internet of Things, which bills itself as, joking a bit, the next most unsafe site on the planet and some companies are looking for hackers to securize it.

With one thing and another, we have distraction for a long time in our computer in-security world. Let's charge batteries, dear readers!


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