Monday, December 8, 2014

Millions of users on the crosshairs of crime industry

The video game world holds 9% of the entire cybercrime industry. This 9% representing hundreds of millions of annual losses for video game companies, and millions of profits for evil minds. In fact it is one of the four most attacked targets on the cyber environment, and perfect breeding ground for all techniques of extortion, denial of service attacks and theft of data by black hat "hackers”.

Lizard Squad is one of the most active groups in the black market. It has marked this bank holiday in Spain to carry out its misdeeds: two major attacks on two of the three major gaming ecosystem.

On one hand, the group attacked the PlayStation website, which was out of service for a few hours. All users who tried to access the service found a 404 error (page not found). Such incident comes when Sony is going through a difficult time, after its production company was targeted by a Trojan with RAT functions that lead to the leak of several (unconfirmed) movie trailers .

On the other hand, they hit the Xbox Live service (Microsoft gaming platform) which suffered continued system breakdowns on its servers due to DDoS attacks. The comments that Lizard Squad drop on its Twitter account point it out as the author of such assault.

Under this umbrella, security experts are highly concerned about the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT). Most of these devices are sold with proprietary communication systems which are incompatible with other devices from competitors. In addition, all this diversity is emerging without basic security and privacy measures, which represent a risk for coming years.

Caring about privacy measures is essential indeed. Otherwise personal Information may end up exposed where you least expect it. For example, a small error on the automatic creation of URLs for orders and reservations on one of  Chinese giant Alibaba’s ecommerce platforms, called AliExpress, would allow access to any sensitive information from previous users’ purchases and even change or cancel them.

Unfortunately errors and vulnerabilities plague services with millions of users. And all these bugs eventually can lead to compromise your data. Therefore, it never hurts to remember some tips on how to protect the information stored on your devices. In this case, Android and iOS devices.


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