Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lights, camera... Hacktion!!

"The Empire threatens 'Alderaan-Like massacre if new Star Wars movie is released". If you are a huge fan of George Lucas' saga you will know the meaning of this ironic tweet from polemic @KimDotCom (Megaupload, Mega). If not, go searching on Google the term Alderaan and quite soon you will understand.

Whether you like or not Kim's style, #SonyHack earthquake has shaken every single rock on entertainment industry. During last hours everything is going 'fast and furious', going from astonishment to menaces: FBI says that North Korea is behind attack, president Barack Obama announces there will be retaliation and even asks China for help, and more and more isolated Kim (another Kim) Jong Un's Korea replies that they don't know what this 'movie' is about.

From visible to invisible, the online is being filled with landmines. Tor Network admins alert that in a few days there could be such penetration that you will not be talking about extremely sluggish or dangerous surfing, but Tor itself will vanish. There is even who is venturing that FBI will play the main role, as soon as it will take by assault Tor network to find evidences on #SonyHack responsibles. However, the bureau and 'anonymity network' are old friends, if we note that FBI has been working for years with Metasploit, an open source tool to research and exploit a lot of vulnerabilities, for both evil or good purposes.

After all, that is a 'war', like the unquoted and bloody war the one at East Europe, with pro-Russian forces and Kiev-loyal army. Now, one large and well documented report from BBC News Europe describes the digital war (cyberwar) reality, with the portraits of the multi-coloured groups and individuals going into action. They all have one thing in common: all of them claim they are not sponsored by any Government.

Last but not least, the week is ending with the data of security breach at Staples, released by the company itself. It was discovered on mid November, and now we know that it affected to 1.2 million payment cards. There have been so many frights this year, that even this could be see as a little one. But, of course, it is not.

Go carefully next days. Surf the web, but surf intelligently.


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