Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Five infographics for more secure 2015

Whether it is the famous ball located on the roof of One Times Square in New York, the popular twelve grapes of luck in Madrid (Spain), the Italian lentils or the magic combination of sea and fireworks in Brazil, each culture has its own ritual to say goodbye to the year. At the CIGTR we are going to do it with infographics. There is no better way to close 2014 than making you think about security, before so much party and the bank holiday. Today more “a picture is worth a thousand words" more than ever.

They are not twelve grapes, but seven myths what you will find on the first infographics produced by Symantec. Seven myths about cybersecurity that are refuted by this security firm. If you want to keep yourself secured in 2015 buy a professional antivirus software. Free versions do not work. You may think you are so clever, but noticing if your device is infected is a task reserved for very few. These two are just two of the seven myths. To find out the rest, please look for the the link below this article.

Myths make not any favour to personal use of computing. Added to usual lack of awareness, you have all ingredients for an explosive cocktail. Habits in cafes and public WiFis are inseparable from terms like 'Man-In-The-Middle.' Where some people see high-resolution cameras to play as they were professional photographers, others see a splendid opportunity to steal financial and personal data. Anyone can be the ‘bad guy,’ and you are highly 'hackable,’ so you should be more vigilant.

What do you expect of 2015? It is difficult to predict the future, right? Unless it is about to anticipate almost certain events, such as security breaches at large companies. At least if you take into consideration the cases of recent years, it is completely normal and expected that this year they happen two or three scary cases and many not as serious. A splendid infographics published by Business Insider lists the most significant incidents in recent years, which allows you to "guess" what will happen in the coming new year.

However, large companies are not the most affected ones by data breaches, at least in terms of percentage. Over half of major breaches in recent years took place in companies with 10 to 100 employees, according to the picture found at The Customized Windows. Here it is another fact to consider: The origin of the attacks causing 67% of breaches happened due to external factors was some country in Eastern Europe. That is, two out of three of them.

Privacy has been another topic widely talked in 2014. Who does have your data? What for? Who does inform you about it and who doesn’t? It's no surprising how anonymization solutions boomed. For example, the TOR browser, which also opens the doors of that abysmal trench called 'Deep Web.' What out! This it is completely legal, but its continued used put it in the spotlight of governments, intelligence services and whistleblowers like Assange or Snowden... who else? Exactly, the digital boys in balaclava. They will be waiting there, so be careful.

2015 could be a great year if you to use Internet prudently. But it can also be a minefield. Peace in your digital life depends on you more than anything else. Happy New Year!


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