Monday, December 1, 2014

Enjoying the International Computer Security Day in the best way

The "International Day of Information Security" is celebrated on November 30th since 1998. This date is good for every one who work involved in computer security to raise awareness about the important role that information security plays nowadays. Last November 30th was Sunday, so let’s start this week dipping into some of 'hot' headlines of the weekend, all of them, of course, related to privacy, security and exploitation of bugs.

You can spend the International Computer Security Day in many different ways. For some people, information security and the right to privacy is above global interests. For others, the end justifies the means. This is why the abuse on personal information is reasonably accepted at some specific areas. For intance, when a judge requests the intervention of the digital accounts of a suspect. But what about when this is done in bulk, whether the citizen who is being spied on is suspect or not ?

Taking into consideration this perspective, should we be concerned about mobile applications increasingly asking for more permissions? Does Facebook Messenger really need access to the camera of your device? Or, on the contrary, it would only need to access your gallery? In any case, it seems necessary that privacy policies becomes simplified. In fact, the deputies of science and technology in the American government argue that the terminology used on this type of service is not understandable by a “reasonable person."

Is equally guilty who makes the weapon than the one who shoots it? According to the State of Virginia, it seems so. A federal court has condemned StealthGenie’s CEO to pay a $ 500,000 fine and give a copy of the source code to the US government for selling spyware. Actually StealhGenie was an iOS app often used by resentful couples, stalkers and competing companies to spy on their targets. 

One day, Sony finds out that its intranet has been hacked. An later, it turns out that a cover company of the North Korean government could be behind of such attack in retaliation for a future film that criticizes the regime in this country.

Who can take advantage does it, regardless how small is such advantage. In the last major tournament of Counter Strike at the DreamHack, one of the teams took advantage of a bug on one of the maps to "sneak" one of its players there. Thus he could see the position of other teams, and incidentally become invulnerable to possible enemy attacks. This exploit led to the disqualification of the team, although they claim that they only maximized the opportunities given by such map.

Whether you are of those who like to take advantage, as if you prefer to follow the path of political correctness, it never hurts to remember that all digital "deleted" file is not removed from the system, but simply unlinked from the file manager. For proper disposal on Linux operating systems, you can check a specific tutorial that will guide you along the points that must be considered to continue to protect your privacy.


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