Saturday, December 27, 2014

Black clouds of insecurity over Internet

If we lived in "The Lord of the Rings" we would say that Sauron and his dark shadow cover practically entire Internet. Wherever we look at, the Black Riders roam freely, allowing themselves to threat the holiest things on the net, and the net itself. In front of so many orcs, created by mafias but also by black magicians working for governments, Community of the Net's fight seems a drop in an ocean of lava. If you allow us the pessimism, computer in-security is actually rampant and exceeds all predictions of science fiction and cyberpunk literature.

Just look at Lizard Squad group: after spending Christmas bombing Xbox Live and PS Network, now threaten to break down Tor network, created to ensure anonymity and unrelated with video games world. Tor's a goal too far away from old ways of Lizard Squad, whom seems that success has gone to its head. Another dodgy, Kim Dotcom, the Mega's millionaire owner, has also gotten into this bizarre story.

In the same space-time, Internet Systems Consortium organization denounced have been hacked. ISC develops crucial tools for networks, such as domain name server BIND DNS and DHCP ISC software. In addition, ISC manages part of root DNS servers. Intoxicating these tools could be a step towards greater intoxications.

Black clouds, nothing sacred and no one safe when even those who act as law and order guarantors contribute to the shipwreck of trust: was full Eve when USA's National Security Agency, with nocturnal and secretive, forced by a court ruling, made public internal documents with cases of illegal spying on citizens, either by error or held by NSA employees who acted on their own, like the woman who spent three long years monitoring her husband phone conversations.

Neither George Orwell nor William Gibson would imagined such scenarios, such devastation and misuse of the net of networks, that should bring more light and consciousness to the planet, according to its pioneers. *Luckily, there are still some hobbits working for common good. An example, as simple as a star but bringing great brilliance in this context, is a small manual, one of many that teach internauts to improve their cyberlives*. This manual avoids having to give our email to all sites we use, sometimes only once and no more, in order to not receive more spam.

Sorry for painting your Saturday so dark, dear readers, but sometimes it's ok to put our feet on the ground, and even our knees, to reborn stronger and safer. May the light be with you the rest of the day!


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