Sunday, November 2, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (L)

They scare. They’re sooooo scary. They are the number one concern of most people who use computers. But, strangely, on Halloween we have not seen anyone dressed as computer virus! Maybe because they have no face or body to mimic and make a mask, they’re invisible, but the mere mention of them causes concern between people. This week's most viewed links are related to computer viruses, more appropriately called by experts malware.

It’s not a trivial fear: PandaLabs this week presented its report for the third quarter, which highlights the increasing creation of malicious code by 38%, one point higher than the previous quarter. The phenomenon is completely shot and out of control, being the most common infections by Trojans (78%), the most damaging malware precisely because they stay quietly on your computer, making the rounds.

But the problem is not just that malware is increasing, but also it begins to be in places where not used to be (or so they said) as Apple computers. A researcher developed a rudimentary antivirus and tested it on his friends’ Macs: "There was a lot of malware", he says. Another place where we have seen malicious code was a node in the Tor network in Russia, which infected computers of those who used the node. 

Anyway, sometimes it is not necessary to use virus to spy people’s communications. You just need a corrupt person at a sensitive site, as in the case of a California policeman who went into the mobile phones of the beautiful women who detained, to search sexy photos and distribute them in forums.

The last most viewed link this week is an interesting text that invites to read and, since today is Sunday, you can enter without rushing into the concept proposed by Marc Dreyfus, Director of Risk Management at AvePoint: A system that automates, objectively, the possible solutions in the field of compliance policies and action in an organization. This automated tool should monitor requests and delegate them to the team, to apply or not a corrective where you have located some sort of alert.

Five top issues closing this week. Until next time, and beware of viruses!


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