Saturday, November 29, 2014

Smart hacker vs fool hacker

In hacker community's jargon there are many adjectives that apply to who knows much: elite, guru, samurai ... At the other extreme is the lamer, somebody who neither hears nor wants to know, who prefers to copy the work of others than get to learn. At first it may be difficult to distinguish between them, especially when the swashbuckling lamer often appears to be elite and beyond. Just give it time and, like so many things in this life, for their actions you’ll know them.

They’re black hat hackers, yes, but elite after all, the authors of the latest known attack against a large Fortune 500 corporation: to steal company data, they hid it in videos uploaded to a cloud service. This was achieved using a technique called steganography, which allows to inject information into an image or film undetectable to the eye, and since what has been seen, to intrusion detection systems too.

Elite can also be considered Guardians of Peace  group, who started the week greeting us with a barrage of information stolen from the Sony Pictures corporate intranet. We are on Saturday and the company is still unable to recover from the brutal attack that has affected all its offices worldwide. Newspapers tell us today that Sony asks its employees not to use their computers and do the work with paper and pencil... to nobody knows when.

Very smart too, but working for good, are researchers who have warned that it’s possible to discover the identity of a  Bitcoin user operating in Tor network. Moreover, as good hacks, the detection method is simple, into Bitcoin and Tor complexity. Certainly, both the network and the currency are proving to be increasingly less anonymous and vulnerable.

And so, while real hackers on both sides are engaged in innovation, outside there’s a legion of  smart asses who buy a program on the black market and use it for evil. The latest trend is to steal credit card data from computers that function as point of sale. This time the grand theft has been against a great company that has 4,200 public garages in  United States. And what do lamers with these cards? Buy things. For example, airline tickets, until comes Europol and catch them, 118 yesterday, in a raid.

God save us from the black elite and lamers of any color.They'll have a good Saturday!


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