Monday, November 24, 2014

Recipe for a healthy life in the digital world

The recipe format has been used in many areas. Gastronomy, chemistry, biology, physics... However, in computer science has not so much. At the CIGTR we like challenges so will introduce you a method of preparing a contest of digital data exhibition.

The first thing you need is two-thirds of common sense, which you will shake on our social profiles and devices in order to avoid exposing your personal data. Take at least five minutes a day to upgrade your system against Trojans like Regin. It has been messing in cyberspace since 2008. This Trojan is divided into 5 layers, each of them more sophisticated than the previous one. Its recipe was allegedly baked into some government’s oven.

Ingredients are a fundamental stage in the process. In this case, information is the most valuable currency exchange. Therefore this is where you should invest more resources. Here it is again personal privacy versus the control of these key ingredients by law enforcement. Should we cook privacy in a separate pot depending on who the guests (other users or intelligence agencies) are?

You have to know who the consumer of your digital dish is in advance to take appropriate action in its elaboration. The spyware is democratizing gradually to the point that anyone can buy a package on an unofficial market. He will need physical access to the victim’s device, which is illegal by the way, he could end up in jail.

Once you have learned the ingredients, you will prepare the dish with the tools at your disposal. If the dish must be open to others, choose a good hosting service where publish it. But if such service is corrupted by a hijacking attack (impersonation) it could show the criminals’ plate instead of yours, as happened to Craigslist recently.

If someone wants to hide the rest of dishes in a competition to promote his own recipe could take advantage of an exploit on Apple Safari 8 to perform a DDoS (denial of service) attack. It crashes the browser, so the guest never see the plate, since it is out of service.

But if you are one of the other contestants you will try to avoid losing the contest by illegal tactics. In other to carry out the presentation in a secure manner, you should use appropriate encryption strategies to demonstrate to the jury that your dish has not been corrupted.

All these healthy steps will make your informative dish a well protected feast that will be only tasted by the guests you choose and no one else. This is our basic recipe for you to move fluently in the digital world.


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