Sunday, October 19, 2014

Top 5 infosec links of the week (XLVIII)

How much are 25 years? Is it too much or not? Sometimes they seem eternal, as the 25 years elapsed to complete the dome of the cathedral of Florence (Italy), after 130 years of construction. Or the 25 years since the Kepler mission was designed to observe exoplanets, until it was launched. It's been 25 years since 1989, the year when Bush was sworn in as President of the USA ... but Bush Sr., not Bush Jr. Yes, as the saying goes, "a lot of water under the bridge".

If 20 years Gardel's Tango was nothing, 25 years in computing is a life in full. So they are visionaries those who wrote books that still get to be a included in a recommended reading list, as the one compiled this week by Maite Moreno on Security Art Work, one of the most read articles in recent days and perfect to start this Sunday's compilation of the most important news of the week. The 25 year old book is The cuckoo's egg by Clifford Stoll, and it is all along in this post with newer titles such as Epic Hacker by Alejandro Ramos and Rodrigo Yepes, published in 2012.

Precisely the second issue of this Sunday is about "epic" hackers: the post by David Bisson in Tripwire, intended to scuttle one by one the most important myths about hackers. For example, young misfits, absence of women or that all hackers are evil... Not really accurate myths that we may solve with this formula: "all online evil are hackers" does not mean "all hackers are evil".

HP engineers looked back this week and they got a pukka facepalm, when they found that one of their certificates for certain products was used in 2010 to sign malware. Another almost facepalm, this time looking forward, is Patricia B.'s post (again on Security Art Work) about the incremental use of our data by social networking platforms.

Well, 25 years ago there was who wrote something and today his words still apply. So... who knows how many of us are also writing the future? Among the most read news of the week also houses the Security Innovation Day 2014 set up by the Spanish firm Telefonica, where the new portfolio of cybersecurity solutions was showed up.

These are the five themes of the week specified in your reading preferences. As always, we invite you to follow us here on the blog and on our social networks. Have a nice Sunday.


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