Sunday, October 5, 2014

Top 5 infosec links of the week (XLVI)

– Windows is better than nothing...
– You are confused, iOS is better at all...
– Os equivocáis los dos, in fact they wish to be Android...
– Much of a muchness, but...

'Fanboys'. Unmistakable. Whatever they do, their brands are the best. But without security, as 'fanboy' as you want to be,  you will get nothing done.

When talking about security, it takes all sorts. At the beginning of the week Apple's power users were warned: everyone using virtual machine VMWare were at serious risk after Bashgate, Shellshock vulnerability case that has forced all manufacturers to launch security patches at full speed. Specifically, in Mac OS X the danger is an exploit that lets privilege escalation to execute code.

Apple is in constant trouble lately. After the disastrous launch of its iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad, many users alerted earlier this week of a serious flaw in the programming, that deletes all files... in the cloud!! Yes, some users who chose to restore factory settings, saw disappearing everything stored in iCloud. Yes, iCloud, the same place where nude celebrities pics were leaked, likely the infosec "tabloids story of the year".

The little green man from Google, Android, is not far behind in this "race". It has been one of the top issues this week, noticed just yesterday: a version of Angry Birds that causes a wipe (erase and full format) for your device, in the old malware style when winning money was not thr matter, but annoy the user.

Tech fanboys aside, the fact is that our wallet concerns us every day. To be more exact: the reliability that we do not take a shock the next time we go to the ATM, and we find that a "light-fingered" has taken what does not belong to him. So one of the most clicked / read issues of the week was one, the online store of cyber fraud, which due to the flood of credit cards from security breaches, has decided to cut prices and simplify products.

Better than these or those techs, is to be security fanboy. This is the case of Nacho, a guest blogger at Spanish computer Chema Alonso's blog, who gave us this week a very entertaining post about a cryptographic mystery at a university: a document displayed on a bulletin board for academic grades, lying on the ground, with seemingly random characters... What did it mean? Why did it appear there? Who was behind the enigma?

Top five topics of the week to put the finishing touch on this Sunday and go over some of the juiciest issues of the last few days, here and on our social networks. Good links to be a 'fanboy' of nothing, since we all share the same or similar risks, whether the brand or system we are just using.


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