Sunday, September 21, 2014

Top 5 infosec links of the week (XLIV)

"Journalism large consists of saying 'Lord Jones is Dead' to people who never knew that Lord Jones was alive". This quote from British writer G. K. Chesterton is good enough for ending this week, once again plenty of news in their own right. 'Lords Jones' that we never knew just a month ago.

Home Depot and #CelebLeaks cases capture all infosec attention during the last weeks. This entry on stage from huge stores (Home Depot) and a large company with brand personality as Apple (iCloud), has the power to create more awareness all along the planet. Where we never Knew of 'Lord Jones' at PoS or pictures supposed to be private, now we learn the lesson for next time. So what? We are suddenly interested on this Lord.

That is reflected on how we pick up the news. Because of calming, we get interested in full malware elimination after unprecedented security breach on a retail chain; and also, after the storm and the initial shock, in the details of this massive assault into customer confidential information. In the issue of the celebrities nude pics scandal, it suddenly becomes interesting how one on three mobile users has chosen to increase security measures, at least as said in a survey by Tresorit and YouGov.

Besides this questions, there's no week with Google out of the news, regardless the reason. This time it isn't by own will, but because added to European institutions siege we've got a voice from the once almighty Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. In opinion of its chief executive Robert Thompson, Google is a plataform for piracy. Upstage, the well known sabre-rattling: pay for contents. We don't know if qualifying Google as "pirate" is prudence or folly: in any case, we do know, because it is the most clicked link this week, that you DON'T like to take hasty decisions. It means that all of you visiting this blog are even more clever than we already thought ;-)

These have been the five top questions this week for CIGTR. Would you add another one? Tell us by commenting this post or via social networks, where you will find us following the links at the sidebar.


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