Monday, September 29, 2014

Security behind the scenes

There is a popular saying, "Life is like a play, with the only difference that life is an ongoing premiere and unfortunately you can not correct the mistakes." Art on stage competes in terms of strategy and passion with life out of them. For instance, computer security affects all the premieres that society lives everyday.

The first thing we’ll do to start the week is to update our diary. We step in October, when they will take place several meetings of the security industry. Lorenzo Martinez (@lawwait) reminds us the dates of various security events for passionate people about technology like all of you. Navajas Negras being held in Albacete, 8.8 in Chile, ConectaCON in Jaen, GSICKMinds in Corunna, EkoParty in Buenos Aires, and of course, No Name cON in Barcelona.

Added to this, we find the satire performed by an old movie star (the theft of financial data) in the play ", the Amazon of stolen credit cards," a visual experience of how the business of cybercrime is continuously growing and becoming simpler. It is enough to access one of its multiple domains, available from anywhere in the world, with no need to install any proxy or any type of TOR navigation tool, to create your own account and start buying financial data from victims that allow you to perform any evil that comes to your mind.

What it is really scary is the existence of small local theaters, located on legitimate websites that distribute, along with the above, RATs (remote access tools) focused on specific attacks (APTs). It used for that iframes (windows that open from other windows) that redirect the visitor to a malicious page or file, this time focused on gaining control of system of private organizations in China. Who is behind this campaign? Place your bets :).

Social rules command both leisure and cyberspace. So it is not surprising that Ello, a social network that showed up on the media last week proposing a business model that does not conceive the exploitation of its user’s data, is now victim of a DDoS attack. The attack lasted only a couple of hours, enough to put on alert to its IT team, which responded quickly enough to block the IPs source of the attack and continue with the show.

We watch this kind of plays on television and other information channels everyday. In Australia, those who advocated a more transparent government will be now crying out to Heaven, learning that measures to prevent future leaks of confidential data are being hardened. It is said that  sentences of over 10 years in prison could be imposed to anyone who helps a whistleblower, which is a decision to "protect the country from terrorist attacks and espionage", according to the Coalition.

We end up with the mysterious story of a cryptographic document recently found at one university. This intro that could be among the most visited link tops on Facebook and on posters and pamphlets at the door of a theater, hides a thriller. Nothing is what it seems, and certainly, the end will surprise you. Do you dare?


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