Saturday, September 27, 2014

Milestone to milestone

When the year ends and many of us will summarize all incidents on Security in 2014, surely we have the perception that the most serious situations have exceeded predictions made in December 2013. At the moment, vulnerability 'Shellshock' that has shaken violently this week the industry, has all the earmarks of becoming the most important issue of the year

Look at anywhere you want, and there is virtually no talk of other matters, in all cases with a common denominator: every patch released in recent days is welcome, but beware of being trusted because that's not not enough. The security hole is there, alive, used by cybercriminals taking advantage, and they will not miss the opportunity to gain such a tempting slice.

Among the activities from exploiting this vulnerability in Bash variables management, able to bypass any barrier known to date, the most relevant for striking is the ability to create networks of zombie computers (botnets), and this time the devices could be servers which in turn try to connect to other servers to further expand the damage.

Some experts think that provided solutions last days involve a huge effort to patch the hole, but Shellshock has become whack-a-mole. It means that the mole is still alive and making mischief, though we fill the holes where we have last seen it. We solve the symptoms, but do we tackle the root problem?

At least, security crisis like this one allow learning and reacting faster the next big crisis; yes, there will be more big crisis, whatever you like or not. That's why the solutions, though incomplete, have arrived and are arriving so quickly: Heartbleed meant many lessons, so this Shellshock should also let learn for the future. For example, how to publish a vulnerability for major security firms reaction, without cybercriminals being aware of the news to get their things done. Is it possible to inform... without informing? That's the question raised up, among others, by Roel Schouwenberg, Kaspersky Labs.

In any case, it is always good to be aware of the main issues that concern our risks. That's our mission every day on this blog and our social networks, whose links you may find, as usual, at the sidebar.


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