Saturday, September 13, 2014

Explosives hacks

"How to protect yourself from abroad in a world full of windows? How should we address the digital security in a diverse and complex environment? Surely we are facing the questions that we have become one.

The revolution of the Internet of Things, the immediacy of communications and the proliferation of new devices are generating thousands of new attack vectors that can (and do) affect deleteriously to nearby systems, exposing data third and even endangering the lives of people.

We recently saw the attack that JPMorgan suffered, and could apparently paid off with the expropriation of about one million of bank customer data. Find the gateway to all this vast information remains primary endpoint, which may indicate that we are dealing with another large-scale attack, using different techniques to involve multiple physical systems of workers in the company, spreading different networks to loot money.

Banks continue and remain in the spotlight for long. But they are not alone in facing danger. Dyreza, malicious software that is due to recently released as a banking Trojan, it seems that today is turning to the business world, affecting Salesforce systems that manage customer data in thousands of companies. The consultancy announced itself, asking their users security as far as possible their ecosystems.

And this has only just begun. The latest report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology USA, warn of the possibility of affecting or subtract designs sent to a 3D printer, even to overheat the device remotely, turning it into a real explosive bomb.

"After the struggle for life, the only battle that must be fought is against ignorance". One of those many anonymous quotes that remind us of the importance of being attentive to everything that happens in our environment, in order to design measures to protect our information, and even, as we have seen, our integrity. Have a good weekend.


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