Monday, September 1, 2014

Cyber nude

Eye, very careful with the photos you share on your phone, would be the corollary of the day.

The popular forum 4Chan again grab the eyes of society as the place chosen to dump the alleged nude photos of famous likes Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, along with a long list of names who have allegedly also been hacked. All indications are that the attack was carried out against iCloud accounts associated with these terminals iPhone users, keeping, among other things, backups of content that once had the phone.

But Apple is not the only target of cybercriminals. Android is not saved from the burning, and a new study from security firm Lookout, the Google mobile operating system has to face an exponential increase of ransomware victims. An estimated one million users so far have been infected by a new version of ScarePackage, affecting in its short life span 25% of all devices affected by malware in 2013.

As such attacks are not the only ones who are feeding the industry of crime, day after day we hear the many successes of phishing campaigns, which are becoming more sophisticated and customizing. It is estimated that 70% of IT professionals experiencing weekly phishing attacks, another way to access information from their devices or accounts, taking advantage of it.

As if that were not enough, the creation of malicious links redirects using for this legal domain has recently scored a success with the discovery that 22 Google domains allow such attacks do. Imagine clicking on a (self-UK), and indeed he is sending a, which can resemble Google your page or main bank.

That, or arrange to infect the device with one of the best computer virus history. Panda Security showed this week on top of the top historical virus, including 170,000 that are in your registry, and run from the first known virus to the latest hypersegmented Stuxnet attacks.

And we end with a video, this time the director of the Division of Theoretical Physics Max Planck Institute, Juan Ignacio Cirac, in just half minute walking the advantages that quantum physics holds for us for the secure exchange of data.

A review of all the latest technology on Monday September 1, wherein the majority return to work. Have a good day.


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