Sunday, August 17, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XXXIX)

"The security of passwords, intelligence agencies, biometric identification systems, the death of Robin Williams and the dangers of ransomware in the register of hospital patients". The five top post this week, directly in the Sunday compilation.

The first post of this top is about the relative ease with which any amateur to bypass protections if he has enough time and desire. From tools that allow us to democratize brute force passwords to managing real botnets infecting users with automatic techniques exploits.

Amateur cybercriminals and governmental organizations in this CIGTR article which analyzed the interview Wired did to Snowden earlier this week as well as the evolution of the RAT and new vulnerabilities found in such common services as Adobe Reader and Flash Player.

And if we talked about the ease of breaking a password, having to choose between that is simpler to break via social engineering or by brute force, now speak of the arrival on the market of biometric systems, which appear in some cases to dispense with passwords, and in others as a second factor of security.

Robin Williams's death has left us with a bad taste, so that from this humble abode did you felt homage to the hacker ability to make us laugh, not to mention that criminals do not rest, as may well find medical school of one of the Chinese universities was around this weekend with ransomware that had crippled medical records of 10,000 patients.

Top five topics of the week. News Five drinking from the same source. The value of information.


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