Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XLI)

"12333, a transcendental number for understanding the current technology, 5 reasons to understand why your business is under attack, switch devices death Californians and their possible harmful use to society and master keys printed in 3D". The five top post this week, directly in the Sunday compilation.

12333, the number corresponding to the executive order where all the verticals of the American intelligence agency use for the global espionage of this age. A court order that allows the analyst to skip the figure of the judge, and defending your work against other orders advocates for freedom of expression and privacy rights of citizenship.

Internet is a gateway to millions of businesses, large and small. The interest of the cybercriminals by large companies is to some extent understandable, but what about small stores? Article in list mode accompanying this compilation are listed top 5 reasons why your small business is a victim of digital attacks. And yes, it has to do with the data you harbor, with traffic (although modest) you have, with the ease of making massive attacks, …

California recently decreed the obligation to any manufacturer of mobile phones enable a remote "button" that allows the user to disable the device forever. A measure that protects a priori interested, but that could backfire knowing that both the government and the police body would also have access to it, and even could be used by criminals to prevent their victims could warn of danger, or hackers to deactivate irreversibly thousands of terminals.

Fortunately, the doors in the house we are sure. Or maybe not? Locks experts Jos Weyers and Christian Holler have shown how easy it is to print a master key with a 3D printer and taking advantage of such an ancient art as practice: hit it with a hammer and a little skill to fit the teeth the holes.

Top five topics of the week. News Five drinking from the same source. The value of information.


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