Saturday, August 2, 2014

The U.S. secret

Why USA has best machine to produce technological innovation? It's a question many governments are asking, and allows Americans to enjoy a preferred position in the mundial economic division.

To Veiko Lember, director of the School of Innovation and Governance Ragnar Nurske, Tallinn University in Estonia, there is a simple answer. And along with Rainer kattle and Tarmo Klavet just published the book "Government Procurement, Innovation and Policy: International Perspectives", where disclosed, inter alia, the United States Secret: fierce commitment technology outsourcing companies under the umbrella of intelligence agencies and the military. A strategy that leads them to take greater risks at a much faster pace other countries, and thus, learn from your mistakes and produce major innovations. That, coupled with a strongly patriotic politics and a society that favors military spending "in exchange for greater national security".

And it is precisely this type of measures that have generated a feeling of rejection and mistrust in other countries, as recently demonstrated China when considering iPhones as a possible tool endangering the privacy of its citizens, or the request that secretariat of Russian Communication Media to open internal audit to the source of Apple OS code.

Linked to the first point, Andrew Lee, CEO of ESET North America, along with a large group of security experts made public a paper entitled "The malware is called malicious for a reason: the risks of weaponizing code", which reveal how all this innovation associated with spy products often end up in enemy hands, which results in a problem of long-term safety. Tools that were just five years ago digital service arms of the U.S. government are being used to attack his country, and even those currently in use eventually cause collateral damage that worsen over time.

For all this, and as always we recommend from CIGTR, to form security and privacy is a bet on the future. For this Saturday afternoon, what better moment performing this simple Security Master Test of UEM on application security and database. And do not be afraid to see what you do not know on Internet.

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