Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sins write history

"Sins write history. Good is silent". How right the poet Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe to assert this claim. Because if something gives to a written undoubtedly tends to be a sin that someone did.

We see it in the day-to-day security. A company does not jump to the media for having done very well (at least not usually), but when one of their services is assaulted, as I recently went to GMail for Android (although claim that affects both iOS and WP8) . A group of researchers from the University of California and the University of Michigan have identified a vulnerability in the sandbox where supposedly are stored records of each application that would allow an app to access another, stealing 92% of effectiveness private data GMail account of the victim. A fraudulent application seems to be all this team needs to install for sin.

What if the sin is not ours but also pay the consequences? The United States Secret Service estimated at least a thousand American companies are infected by Backoff, POS malware that functions as remote access, and you might be right now committing sins in the accounts system customers of these companies.

NIST adds to the large group of organizations that prefer to first pass through the confessional before having to lament the sins. So, have reported a report urging governments, organizations and agencies that make use of implementations Secure Shell to review developments and set, if not already set, strategies to protect the public key and the channels used for connections to critical systems.

It seems that they will have to go through this ordeal are Secret users, the controversial anonymous messaging application that is a victim of his own sin. Benjamin Caudill and Bryan Seely, two security experts, have found a vulnerability that would allow know users by the posts. Careful what we write in the digital world!

And beware of committing sins without knowing its consequences. To do this, it is best to keep abreast of current developments in computer security, and share our circles everything we learn.


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