Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our own team of Guardians of the Galaxy

"Life tends to take more than it gives, but not today, today we offer something special. An opportunity... to save others”. So animated Star-Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, a bizarre group that makes up the single life expectancy of the universe in the Marvel film.

Heroes that never wanted to be. Heroes who represent the antithesis of heroism. Heroes like Professor Sam Bowne, the CCSF, who recently showed how doing some google hacking anyone could get into the FTP open server with an 6,073 medical records Medical Center EA Conway.

Heroes who use technology to discover the origin of life and the mysteries of physics. As the Iron Man comics, the team responsible for working with the German Electron Synchrotron which will from now with a new scientific. Watson, the IBM super-computer, will be responsible for analyzing 100 petabytes of data that the whole research center produces annually, at an estimated rate of 20GB per second.

Heroes, coming from different parts of the world, from different backgrounds and interests together to keep our species alive for potential security flaws that could reach any place in the research center. This is how staff recently formed our team Guardians of the Galaxy, under the walls of the University of Cambridge. The CSER (Centre for Study of Existential Risk) debate right now, while the rest of us enjoyed the weekend how anywhere in the world a mad scientist may be preparing a deadly strain of a virus in order to release it in various parts of the world. Imagine a Spanish Flu, which ended in 1918 with 50 million people, taking advantage of the ease of dispersion and spread of an airport, or the possibility of generating small WMD (weapon of mass destruction) thanks to 3D printing.

This becomes important when you enjoy (horrified) the story of Oliver Stone in the documentary that accompanies this article. How for 15 years, the United States government has been manipulating the company under the "Politics of Terror"From the computational problems in the last state in the presidential election between George Bush and Al Gore, to the persecution of Wikileaks or the massive NSA spying. They lack heroes. They lack heroes. We need more Guardians of the Galaxy. Will you be next?


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