Saturday, August 9, 2014

As a conventional business

"Customer service is an important for business value. If you want people to come back and buy from you on a consistent basis, offer them something and give them a reason to come back to you". Something that every entrepreneur has instilled in his DNA, and it works well both legitimate businesses and those who do not son.

It would be impossible not to talk about some of the news that have left both BlackHat and DefCon 2014. Between them, the Tom Holt’s talk, associate professor at the University of Michigan and professor specializing in cybercrime, which chronicled thus how large communities of cybercriminals operate under the same selling strategies any other business. The customer care is vital, providing confidence and security, contingency plans against (not going to be that of those 500 card numbers, one is no longer in circulation) and even advice for the crimes.

The value of the passwords is one of the most popular elements of fraud in the industry. So much so, it is not surprising that several students from the University of Massachusetts have succeeded in developing a method of stealing passwords using Google Glass without the user having to be looking. The software is responsible, through a video, find the keyboard (which may be physical or virtual), square it according to the position where the user is located, and analyze hand movements of the victim, with an effectiveness of 90%. Careful when when wearable end up hitting the streets.

We continue with talks, this time Gene Bransfield and her cat, which will give a touch of humor in the DefCon to tell how Coco, cat's grandmother his wife, became a true hacker by a necklace especially designed to track and detect WiFi networks using WEP password, which is easily exploitable from a decade ago by brute force. The cat, in their daily journey through the streets, made a map makes clear the large number of open routers or basic security, a treat for anyone interested in stealing our data.

Knowing this, the guys at Yahoo, along with those from Google, are working on a browser plugin installed to allow point-to-point encrypted communications email. Best of all, perhaps the finishing touch that gives you the courage to sneak in this article, is that for the first time we talk about encryption technology end-to-end that would be compatible between different email providers, with the idea that tomorrow is a standard implemented manager emails itself.

The information security, a key point in the whole digital ecosystem of our society today is playing an exciting game of chess. Good against evil, and in the middle pawns, users. To keep up, to know how to defend horses, bishops, towers and even the mighty queen, do not hesitate to comment and follow us in Twitter, Facebook or Google+.


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