Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weak security chain

"There seems to be something rotten in the state of Denmark". They are words that Dave Lewis, editor of Forbes, began his article.

More than 900,000 social security numbers Danish have been uncovered along with their respective names and addresses thanks to a security breach in Robinson List, one of the lists managed by the Ministry of Economy of the country and all those who join do not want to receive junk mail. And Dave Lewis article began this way because unfortunately is not the only recent case relating to Denmark with data leakage social security numbers. 91 policemen had a similar situation by a hacktivist protest a few weeks ago. In May, there was one in which both police and celebrities were involved, reaching affect even close members of the royal family.

Misses security systems of large companies that ultimately affect the user. Dailymotion, the popular video sharing site, has undergone a code injection attack, taking advantage of several Java and Flash exploits, and that allowed the attacker to redirect for a few hours its users to another page that was responsible for download a Trojan in the browser. The goal, as often happens in these cases, is simply to maximize the profits advertising services, so that all those infected users, without them having record the fact, currently clicking on ad pages, what a positive impact on the wallet of cybercriminals.

Apple is very aware of this situation, and recently requested a patent, entitled "Location-Sensitive Security Levels And Settings Profiles Based on Detected Location", and offer different security profiles depending on our geo. Thus, the user could automatically activate the WIFI when you were at home, and off when you are out, or avoid having to insert a robust passcode when in a safe place, enabling it to other sites.

Strategies to facilitate the client's life, and to adapt to new technologies, as it has had to the Fomento’s Ministry  to allow the use of aerial drones in Spanish territory, something that just a few months ago had banned. The new regulation, although still very conservative, open emerging market economy that is gaining weight in many other countries.

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