Sunday, July 13, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XXXIII)

4th of July malware, real-time cyberwar, iOS-Gmail security, Tor net anonymity and UK censorship. The five top posts this week, just for another Sunday compilation.

Do you imagine those vacation you have been thinking about for a long time and now it it time to enjoy it? Do you imagine searching a good deal, and besides the rates you get a web exploit in your computer? OK, so imagine no more, because that is what fiends of Internet have just done for holyday season in US, started on its Big Day July 4th.

Be aware: if not 4th of July, it may be any other issue. If we look at the high amount of attacks all along each day, we can almost think that being a cybercrime victim is a lottery where it is very difficult to not get a prize for time to time. We say "if we look" and it is OK, because thanks to company Norse, cyberwar is more visual than never: a world map with cyber attacks in real time.

Being a victim is easier depending on what apps and devices are you using. If you go usually through Gmail, you are safe if on Android, but maybe on iOS you are opening the door to the bad guys. In the cyberwar era you can not confide in anyone. Even Tor network seems to be not what it was supposed to be: if you have got 3.000 euros, you can order a "tailor-made" breach, as two experts will explain in Black Hat 2014 edition (August 2-7)

What does use and abuse of Internet achieve? Nothing good. Among other things, it is a reasonable cause (or a big alibi) for regulations in conflict with the so-called "digital revolution". According to Open Rights Group, UK already blocks 19% of websites. "It is not exactly like living in China", is the ironic hue on the Betanews post that served us this story.

Top five topics of the week. Five headlines from the same idea: cybercrime is a threat for all of us, not just for security experts.


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